Workshop: Managing stress

Purpose of the workshop

The goal of the intervention is to shed light on the basics of stress management according to three different perspectives

  1. Theoretical framework (i.e. fundamentals on various theoretical approaches).
  2. Practical remedies (i.e. basic types of interventions: primary, secondary and tertiary).
  3. Myths and legends (some naive beliefs on stress…).

The workshop will have a practical approach, deriving concepts and strategies of interventions from the audience proactive participation.


Introductions to Stress theory

  • The three stages of the GAS model: (1) alarm, (2) resistance (3) exhaustion
  • The principle of Fight or Flight
  • The Job Demand-Control Theory

Measurements and interventions

  • The role of person-environment interaction
  • The purpose of the “coping” strategies: the cases of positive thinking and mindfulness
  • The role of cognitions, emotions and personality traits
  • The scale of Holmes and Rahe
  • Measure your stress level

Myths and legends of stress

  • “A bit of stress is positive.”
  • “Engaged people are never stressed.”


  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours including a break (possibility to do 2 events, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to involve all the workers).
  • Available in Italian and English.
  • Number of participants: up to 100.
  • Suggested number of participants: 20 (allows interaction with the audience).
  • Place of the event: at the company headquarters or in a host location to be agreed.