Thematic Coaching

Coaching: old way and the new way

Up to now, coaching has complemented the traditional training choices in a complementary way, where the user’s goals were not the simple acquisition of knowledge or skills but, rather, the achievement of a specific purpose.From this perspective, coaches usually help the client to define a goal, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, plan the steps, provide feedback.

The coach is, therefore “generic”, it goes through the same methodology regardless of the specific objective of the coachee.

Having said sod, one can legitimately wonder “how effective is it to propose the same methodology regardless of the content of the coaching?”

One size does not fit all

Building on years of experience in coaching, HURACT has realised that coaching paths must sometimes be suited to the type of the desired goal. It is not the same preparing talent to take a leading position, helping a senior to a career change, supporting an entrepreneur to make a choice or brushing up public speaker confidence and persuasion.

The new way of coaching is Thematic Coaching

To satisfy this need, HURACT has added to the “generic” traditional coaching a set of “thematic coachings”.  Each thematic coaching has its peculiarities, but all share adherence to modern evidence-based methodologies, based on third-generation cognitive-behavioural psychology.

Since one size does not fit all, the traditional generic coaching becomes Thematic Coaching