Negotiation and Sales Techniques

After a business meeting, many people wonder how they could have been more incisive if they would have used the right selling techniques. The question is appropriate and the answer is in the following lines.


  • Sell your product’s competitive advantage, going past marketing strategies
  • Understand what are your valuable unique selling points and make sure you communicate them during dealings
  • Selling more, improving your negotiation weaknesses
  • Exploit the competitive advantage of the newest negotiation and selling techniques, integrating them with your selling methodologies
  • Learn how to use personality techniques that allows you to easily understand what is key for your client and what has value for him, motivating him to act and change.


Salesmen, Managers, CEOs, project managers, R&D and everyone who needs a new powerful model to negotiate or understand the needs of the customer.


Get to know yourself

  • What kind of seller am I?
  • Self-evaluation of your selling methodologies: strengths, weaknesses, fears, motivations
  • Values, objectives and actions: set up an action plan to reach the objective
  • Exercise: set up your effective and structured action plan
  • How to sell without worries
  • Exercise: objectives, strategies, means

Get to know your client

  • Use different types of personalities to identify the client category
  • Exercise: analyse the different kinds of clients
  • Understand your client’s needs.
  • Exercise: asking questions and selecting between open, semi-open or closed answers.
  • Understand what is key for your client.
  • Exercise: understanding how to convince the client to buy.

Get to know the product

  • Turn strength into negotiation advantages
  • Exercise: how to form a value proposition
  • Sell a product? or also a service?
  • Exercise: describe 10 points to give value to your offer.

Manage the negotiation

  • Use assertive communication
  • Identify a need in the client’s framework
  • Exercise: simulation of a negotiation
  • Objections: what they are and how to anticipate them
  • Exercise: objections
  • Exercise: manage the negotiation from beginning to end.


  • Duration: 2 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Classes held in Italian: 22-23/05/2017, 4-5/12/2017
  • Classes held in English (B1 Cambridge level or equivalent is required): on request
  • Maximum 6 students per class
  • Price information: 1.200 CHF + VAT (1.000 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)
  • Location: Via Pelli 13, 6900, Lugano

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