Team Building with Verdi

HURACT proposes an innovative Team Building in the National Museum Giuseppe Verdi, following the Anglo-Saxon trend that combines training, development, culture and business events.

The Team Building with Giuseppe Verdi combines training, development, entertainment and culture leaving an indelible memory.

The coach of HURACT will lead you in a Team Building which has as its focus in the creativity and artistic music of Giuseppe Verdi. Your Team will be the protagonist of one of the most famous Verdi’s operas: the Choir as a metaphor of the business dynamics, the melody is the result of a perfect collaboration of the Team members.

A fun and challenging team-building with a laboratory and moments of discussion in plenary to improve collaboration and trust within the team.

During the Team Building, our Coaches will give continuous feedback at a team and individual level. A further follow-up by our coaches, after some weeks, will get more value from the experience.

The Team Building can be also held in the prestigious National Museum Giuseppe Verd, in Busseto (PR – Italy) inside the sixteenth century Villa Pallavicino : an extraordinary cultural container that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the operas of the famous composer and get an insight in the atmosphere, history and culture of the era in which he lived.