Smart Language


The purpose of the course is to develop a linguistic competence based on specific techniques that you can apply in different areas of human interactions.

This linguistic competence takes its root into theories such as the meta-model linguistic theory, NLP, Socratic questions and critical thinking and neuroscience. You can effectively use this powerful method in different contexts such as one-to-one conversation, meetings and public speaking. Furthermore, this model can be applied to foster communication skills in the area of assertiveness, negotiation, conflict management, persuasion, coaching.


Manager, coordinators, team leaders, project managers and anyone that would like to strengthen their use of language to persuade, argument, debate, negotiate.


The use of language to convey an idea

  • The deep structure of the language
  • The surface structure of the language

Recognising flaws in an argument noticing the violation of well-formed expressions

  • Generalisation
    • Universal Quantification
    • Modal Operators
  • Deletion
    • Simple Deletion
    • Unspecified Referential Index
    • Unspecified Verb
    • Nominalisation
    • Distortion
  • Cause-Effect
  • Mind-Reading
  • Presupposition

The use of language to confront and restructure an idea

  • Identify intentions
  • Redefining behaviours and meanings
  • Understanding the consequence
  • Chunk Down and Chunk Up
  • Using Analogy
  • Change Frame Size
  • Underline Another Outcome
  • Changing the Model Of The World
  • Reality Strategy
  • Giving Counterexample
  • Setting a Hierarchy of Criteria
  • Apply to Self
  • Meta Frame

Socratic questions

  • Socratic question and critical thinking
  • The use of Socratic questions:
    1. Revealing the issue
    2. Conceiving reasonable alternatives
    3. Examining various potential consequences
    4. Evaluate those consequences
    5. Distancing

Persuasion, suggestions and hypnotic language

  • Yes Set
  • Embedded suggestions
  • Binds/Double binds
  • Open-ended suggestions
  • Indirect implication using the negative
  • Paradox
  • Reference to life experiences
  • Metaphors and stories

Application of the smart language

  • Assertiveness
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • Conflict management
  • Public speaking (presenting and answering to “difficult” questions)
  • Coaching


  • Duration: 2 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Calendar
  • Price information: 1.200 CHF + VAT (1.000 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)

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