REMOTE Team Building with Leonardo

What is it about?

It is a real team building that cleverly combines playful aspect, artistic and historical rigour, motivational psychological intervention.

Who is it for?

All your staff /employees in Smart-Working, Tele-working, working at a distance.

Take away

• A more motivated and cohesive team.
• A team amused and fascinated by a truly non-trivial team building.
• High level cultural and artistic cues.

Why Leonardo da Vinci?

Messer Leonardo ranges all human knowledge: from pictorial art to physiology and medicine, to engineering.

Furthermore, Leonardo was highly performant in those soft-skills that made the team (his shop and his collaborators) engaged and productive: curiosity, creativity, openness to innovation but also his leadership.

In HURACT, we are passionate about Leonardo da Vinci. Among our trainers, we include some of the most influential historians and actors worldwide who have studied and interpreted him.

How is the Team Building structured?

Team building is structured according to the following phases:

  • Welcome: participants are welcomed within the virtual environment and are given brief instructions.
  • Introducing the Mistery: Leonardo unveils a “mystery” and invites the participants to solve it by working in groups. The mystery can be artistic, engineering, logical-mathematical etc. It does not require any specific cultural background.
  • Teamwork: participants slit into groups, A particular task is assigned to each of them. Depending on the objectives of the organization, a collaborative, competitive and/or just playful atmosphere can be created. This environment fosters healthy professional relationships, conflict resolution, perceived support from colleagues.
  • Sharing: the groups report their work in plenary.
  • Award ceremony: following the “unquestionable” (but playful) judgment of historians and Leonardo himself, the group that has given the most significant proof of creativity, cohesion, innovation is elected and awarded.
  • Q&A: questions and answers, anecdotes, fun and instructive curiosities
  • Final greetings.

How long does it last?

1.5-2 hours


• Italian, English