Remote Leadership for Smart Working


Significant worldwide changes have revolutionised everyday work and life. Information and communications technologies (ICT) enable managers to connect with work colleagues at any point in time and space. 

However, this new situation requires the leaders to be equipped with specific methodologies and tools to lead their teams remotely while ensuring a high degree of motivation and commitment. 

Take Away

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Maintain trust and engagement within your team while working remotely.
  • Set clear expectations and make sure everyone is working in the same direction.
  • Individualise the working process to fit each of your team members’ specific needs.
  • Manage efficient meetings using virtual platforms.


Managers, leaders and anyone who is called to lead a team that is geographically distributed or in the absence of physical proximity (smart working / teleworking).


Remote leadership

  • What is leadership?
  • What it means to lead at a distance
  • The three pillars of remote leadership: goal setting, motivation and trust, self-awareness

Goal setting and remote performance monitoring

  • Types of outcomes
  • Setting and achieving goals at a distance
  • Coaching and giving feedback at a distance

Remote motivation and trust

  • Working with others remotely
  • Building trust and engagement at a distance
  • Technology tips for the remote leader

Leader self-awareness

  • Face your beliefs about your remote team
  • Developing self-awareness about priorities
  • Ask honest feedback to your team



  • Duration: 1 gg (2 modules of about 4 hours)
  • Costo: 900 CHF + IVA per participant
  • Calendar


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