Remote and distant leadership

Incipit: To lead remotely requires to lead differently!


New information and communications technologies (ICT) have revolutionised everyday work and life in the 21st century. They enable people to connect with work colleagues and supervisors -as well as with friends and family – at any point in time.

One manifestation of this is the ICT-enabled virtual organization that spans geographical and temporal boundaries and operates as a dispersed, collaborative network of people who are independent of location or affiliation. In the United States over 12 million employees, or 9% of the employee population, work virtually at least 8 h per week.

One effect is that leaders must assume more responsibility for working with followers who are at a distance. Since traditional models of leaderships rely on physical proximity, social and organizational propinquity, and networks of open channels of communications, new models must be developed and new behaviours must be adopted by remote leaders to guarantee communication effectiveness and leadership performance.

This course if for the leader that need to acquire the basic strategies and techniques, to guarantee an expectational level of team performance despite the lack of physical proximity.


Managers, leaders and anyone who is called to lead a team that is geographically distributed or in the absence of physical proximity (smartworking / teleworking).



  • What is leadership?
  • What we know about remote and distant leaders
  • What it means to lead at a distance
  • Leading remotely requires to lead differently

Traditional leadership models

  • Transactional vs. transformational leadership
  • Charismatic leadership

Remote leadership models

  • The remote leadership model
  • The three pillars of remote leadership: goal setting, motivation and trust, self-awareness

Goal setting at a distance

  • Types of outcomes
  • Setting and achieving goals at a distance
  • Coaching and giving feedback at a distance

Remote motivation

  • Working with others
  • Building trust at a distance
  • Choosing the right communication tools
  • Technology tips for the remote leader

Leadership self-awareness

  • Ask honest feedback
  • Recognise your beliefs
  • Set reasonable boundaries
  • Set personal priorities

Building distant leadership in a cross-cultural context

  • Impact of globalization
  • Regional clustering of globe nations: the cross-cultural global framework
  • The 10 cultural clusters of the 170 countries worldwide
  • The 9 cultural dimensions
  • The 21 / 6 cultural – implicit leadership dimensions
  • Managing and leading in different countries


  • Duration: 3 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Calendar
  • Price information: 1.800 CHF + VAT (1.600 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)

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