Leadership and Performance Management (Advanced)


This course is concerned with different approaches to managing and leading people at work. Many HR initiatives fail to address leadership and performance management since they omit to choose, apply and deploy a consistent theory and subsequent model within the organisation.

It is not the same to promote a charismatic rather than an authentic leadership, or a cross-cultural instead than servant leadership. Every organisation need to adopt a coherent and well-defined model, according to its values and objectives.

Therefore, Human Resource Management professionals must acquire a clear and thorough picture of the leadership models, theories and applications in context.

This module aims to:

  • give you an accurate understanding and critically reflect on theoretical, methodological and practical issues surrounding leadership and HRM
  • enable you to assess evidence of the relationship between leadership, HRM and individual or organisational outcomes

Some personal work experience of human resource management and organisational behaviour is beneficial for this module.

Take away

  • outline the main approaches to understanding HRM and leadership
  • critically evaluate theory, concepts, methods of HRM and leadership
  • apply theories and concepts of HRM and leadership to various applied contexts, including your organisation, and critically assess these
  • explain some of the practical issues surrounding HRM and leadership


HR managers and specialists, L&D managers and specialists.


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Does leadership matter?

  • Effect of leadership on individual and organisational performance
  • Impact of leadership on employee satisfaction

Leader centred perspectives

  • Leadership as a Trait
    • Leadership and personality
    • Assessing the personality with BIG5 Questionnaire
    • Assess your personality traits and predict your leadership
  • Transformational leadership (Bass)
    • The effects of transformational and change leadership
    • Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Contingency models of leadership (basics)

  • Path-goal theory
  • Leadership substitutes theory
  • Situational leadership theory
  • LPC – Least preferred coworker
  • Cognitive resource theory
  • Multiple linkage model

Follower centred perspective

  • The Implicit model of leadership
  • A relational theory of leadership – Leader-Member Exchange (LMX)

Contemporary models of leadership

  • Ethic and Authentic leadership
    • Understanding authentic leadership
    • Assessing authentic leadership
    • Developing authentic leadership
  • Cross-cultural leadership
    • Impact of globalisation on leadership
    • Regional clustering of globe nations: the global cross-cultural framework
    • Identifying the proper leadership style in each cultural area
    • SIMULATION: setting up and lead a cross-cultural team in 4 countries: understanding cultural differences and adapt your leadership approach accordingly.
  • Servant leadership
    • Understanding servant leadership
    • Assessing servant leadership
    • Developing servant leadership

Power and the dark triangle

  • From Power to Action
  • Understanding and use of influence tactics
  • The Dark Triad of leader personality: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

Team leadership and team working

  • What is a team?
  • The determinant of team performance
  • Type of teams
  • Team assessment
  • Understand Teams by Using the GRPI (Goals, Roles, Processes, Interpersonal Relationships) Model
  • The Team Role Inventory
  • Team 5 Team Development Stages

Performance management

  • What is
  • Why organisations do it
  • Elements of Performance Management Systems
  • Implementation of PM systems
  • Improving performance in individuals and groups
  • Problems
  • Trends in Performance Management


  • Duration: 3 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Calendar
  • Price information: 1.800 CHF + VAT (1.600 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)

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