Conflict management

Would you like to turn conflicts in personal and organisational growth opportunities? Would you want to be capable of preventing the damaging consequences of never-dealt-with conflicts, favouring an atmosphere of collaboration and serenity in your team and promoting higher efficiency and satisfaction in the workplace?


Difficult relations, differences in objectives and interests, cultural or value differences, organisational or personal changes, lack of communication: those are the main reasons that can cause conflicting situations in the workplace.

Know how to deal with conflicts makes us capable of moving from a win-lose situation, or lose-lose in the worst scenario, to a cooperative win-win situation, in which both parties are satisfied and realise that a conflict could be a personal and professional growth opportunity.

Having tools to deal with conflicts and to help others in doing it means being able to promote an atmosphere of trust, collaboration and valorisation of differences in the team, undoubtedly positive for the working efficiency and efficacy and the organisational wellbeing.

This training will provide you with a practical guide on how to deal with conflicts both at a personal and at a working level. You’ll learn to:

  • Recognise and analyse potential conflicting situations.
  • Anticipate conflicts
  • Use communication strategies, interaction and relation for conflict management.
  • Use emotional and intercultural negotiation techniques.
  • Recognise and turn conflict as an opportunity.


Manager, coordinators, team leaders, project managers and whoever wants to learn how to deal with conflicting situations and empower relational efficiency with colleagues and customers.


Definition of conflict

  • Conflict characteristics.
  • Difference between contrast and conflict.
  • Possible causes of conflicts.
  • Identify different types of conflicts.
  • Conflict as an opportunity.

Conflict management

  • The win-win approach and constructive interaction.
  • Techniques and elements of emotional negotiation.
  • Techniques and elements of cultural negotiation.
  • Techniques and element of efficient communication.
  • Neuroscientific contributions in conflict management.

Prevention of conflicts

  • How to identify the potentially conflicting situation.
  • Active listening and assertive communication as prevention methods.


Method: Frontal lessons with slide support for the theoretical parts and practical and experiential exercises along with case analysis.


  • Duration: 2 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Calendar
  • Price information: 1.200 CHF + VAT (1.000 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)

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