Dealing with change and uncertainty


The global health emergency we are experiencing has pushed a substantial acceleration to organizational change. The well-being and quality of life of employees are the keys to the success of change because only motivated, confident and active people can lead the company towards new horizons.

Dealing with change and uncertainty becomes, therefore, the key to maintaining well-being and engagement.


The intervention is for employee and managers of your company who are facing new challenges, such as Smart Working and Remote Working, in a context of uncertainty.


We have developed an engaging program of remote group support, based on Active Methods (Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry) to enhance resilience and to help people cope with the fatigue and uncertainty.


A series of periodic virtual meetings held by professionals organizational psychologists, psychotherapists, with a solid experience in active methods (Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry) will achieve this objective.

The number and frequency of those meetings should be agreed with the organization based on the number of estimated participants. 

Everyone belonging to the company can freely join up to a certain number. Constant attendance is not required but encouraged.

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