Coaching with Positive Psychology (Advanced)


You will learn the techniques, processes and basic strategies for Coaching with Positive Psychology methodology (Seligman, 2011).

The Positive Psychology approach to coaching was developed primarily within the Pennsylvania University. The method is built on a construct called Subjective Well Being (SWB), commonly referred to as “happiness”. The development of 5 factors enhances happiness (SWB): Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments (PERMA). Coaching with Positive Psychology focuses on individual  Character Strengths (Peterson & Seligman, 2004) to achieve goals and well being.

This approach is particularly suitable for promoting positive thinking, optimism and positive emotion. According to Broaden-and-build theory, such achievements lead themselves to build a broader and more creative set of alternatives to goals fulfilment.

This course is at an advanced level and aims to provide expert coaches with a model of intervention based on Positive Psychology.

Take away

  • Basic knowledge of the principles of Positive Psychology
  • A coaching model based on Positive Psychology and Character Strengths.
  • Knowledge of the use of the VIA (Value in Action) test to discover and classify individual Character Strengths.
  • An evidence-based approach that will distinguish you from other coaches.
  • A HURACT certificate of attendance at the “Advanced training in Coaching with Positive Psychology” course.


This course is intended for psychologists or professional coaches member of the respective professional boards or Coaching SIGs (Special Interest Groups) of recognized scientific communities (ACBS, BPS, APA, etc.).


Being a psychologist or enrolled in an MSc in psychology is a guarantee “per se” of the prerequisites necessary to access this course.

For those who do not have this title, it is required the knowledge of the basics techniques of the coaching conversation: active listening, asking questions (open, closed, guide, multiple), paraphrasing, summarizing, giving feedback. It is also required a fair practice of coaching with the knowledge of at least one of the fundamental models, such as GROW, GROW (TH), cognitive-behavioural coaching, coaching psychology, etc.


Setting the basics of Coaching
(assessing the prerequisites)
  • Basic processes of coaching: the GROW model of coaching and its extensions GROW(TH)
  • Active listening, answering questions, summarising
Coaching Psychology
  • Exploring thinking
    • Target: change the way of thinking
    • The INNER GAME (Gallway, 1974)
    • Understanding and Tackling with Unconscious Biases
    • Performance-inhibiting thoughts (PIT)
  • Exploring emotions
    • Positive and negative emotions
    • Neuroscientific differences
    • The Broaden-and-build Theory
Developing happiness in Coaching
  • Happiness and Subjective Well Being
  • Assing happiness
  • The PERMA model (Seligman, 2011)
  • Developing optimism
Assessing and developing Character Strengths in Coaching
  • Strengths and virtues explained
  • The VIA Survey of Character Strengths
  • Strength spotting
  • Developing strengths
Positive Psychology in action in Coaching
  • Solution-focused coaching
    • The Scaling techniques
    • The Exception to the problem techniques
    • The Miracle techniques
  • Positive Psychology
    • Three good things
    • Gratitude letter
    • Best possible self
  • Appreciative enquiry


  • Duration: 2 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Calendar
  • Price information: 1.200 CHF + VAT (1.000 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)

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