Coaching with ACT and Mindfulness (Advanced)


You will learn the techniques, processes and basic strategies for Coaching with ACT methodology (Blonna, 2011) and Mindfulness.

The ACT approach to Coaching was developed primarily within the ACBS (Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science). The ACT approach is based on the construct of Psychological Flexibility. Psychological Flexibility can be developed training six fundamental mental processes visually placed at the top of a hexagon (Exaflex): Perspective Self, Defusion, Acceptance, Present Moment, Values, Committed Actions. Mindfulness is a crucial component of this model.

Besides, the model has been enriched by a further contribution: the ACT Matrix (Polk & Schoendorff, 2014) appropriately reviewed in a coaching key.

Coaching with ACT is particularly suitable for Coaching aimed at developing resilience and tolerance to stress. Sport-Coaching is one of the areas where this model can be successfully applied.

This course is at an advanced level, aiming to provide experienced coaches with a reference model based on the ACT methodology and Mindfulness.

Take away

  • Basic knowledge of the ACT model for Coaching.
  • The ability to use the ACT techniques, Mindfulness and the ACT Matrix for Coaching.
  • An approach that will distinguish you significantly from other coaches.
  • A HURACT certificate of attendance at the “Advanced training in Coaching with ACT” course and the possibility of using these skills to enrol in the Special Interest Group of the prestigious scientific association ACBS *

* Membership is subject to the unquestionable judgment of the ACBS association itself, based on the applicant training and experience.


This course is intended for psychologists or professional coaches member of the respective professional boards or the Coaching SIG (Special Interest Groups) of recognized scientific communities (ACBS, BPS, APA, etc.).


Being a psychologist or enrolled in an MSc in psychology is a guarantee “per se” of the prerequisites necessary to access this course.
For those who do not have this title, it is required the knowledge of the basics techniques of the coaching conversation: active listening, asking questions (open, closed, guide, multiple), paraphrasing, summarizing, giving feedback. It is also required a fair practice of coaching with the knowledge of at least one of the fundamental models, such as GROW, GROW (TH), cognitive-behavioural coaching, coaching psychology, etc.


Setting the basics of coaching (assessing the prerequisites)
  • Basic processes of coaching: the GROW model of coaching and its extensions GROW(TH)
  • Active listening, answering questions, summarising

Mindfulness for Coaching with ACT

  • Hand Meditation
  • Leaves on the stream meditation
  • Quick techniques
Psychological Flexibility for Coaching
  • Self as Context
    • Perceptions of self
    • The self as narrative
  • Defusion
    • The 5 rules of effective thinking
    • Exercise to develop defusion
    • Using Mindfulness defuse
  • Acceptance
    • The avoidance mechanism
    • Tools for managing negative emotions
    • Exercise to practice acceptance
  • Present moment
    • Avoid mind wondering
    • Setting goals with SCORE models
  • Values
    • Assessing values in life and at work
    • Checking the congruence between values and behaviour as the base of wellbeing
    • Assessing the congruence between values and coaching objectives
  • Committed actions
    • Rules of effective committed actions
    • Commit to the present moment
The ACT Matrix model
  • Understanding bad and good behaviour
  • Understanding unconscious and mindful behaviour
  • Developing mindfulness
Becoming an ACT Based coach: a six-step process
  • Step 1: conduct the assessment and help clients to set goals with SCORE models
  • Step 2: provide a quick overview of ACT
  • Step 3: assess values
  • Step 4: set clear goals and measurable objectives (SCORE)
  • Step 5: take committed action
  • Step 6: the use of Exaflex processes


  • Duration: 2 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Calendar
  • Price information: 1.200 CHF + VAT (1.000 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)

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