Coaching for Stress Management

This Thematic Coaching is for those who need to overcome periods of non-clinical stress and need methods and techniques to manage the unexpected situation and achieve the defined objectives.

Coachee’s objective

I want to improve my skills in managing stressful periods, increasing my resilience and acting more functional behaviours.

Characteristics of this coaching path

This path uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to manage non-pathological stress situations*, increasing resilience and improving performance. The model used is Coaching with ACT (Blonna, 2011), which identifies Psychological Flexibility as a fundamental construct. The participant will learn how to develop new cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources through six key psychological processes determined by the ACT model.

* If the situation presents itself with clinically relevant connotations, involvement will be required of professionals or specialized structures outside the coaching path.

Development plan

  • Stress level assessment.
  • The ACT model for stress management.
  • Mindfulness: practical applications.
  • Strategies for managing dysfunctional negative emotions.
  • Strategies for managing dysfunctional thoughts.
  • Knowing and directing one’s Values ​.
  • Methods for implementing effective behaviours.


  • Path lengths: 5 sessions
  • Cost: 3.000 CHF + IVA
  • Setting: Face to face and videoconference