Coaching for Public Speaking

This Thematic Coaching is for those who have to make a presentation in public and need a personalised path taking into account their personality traits and their culture.

Coachee’s objective

I want (or must) make a presentation in public, and I wish to brush up my stage management, persuasion and communication skills to convey an idea.

Characteristics of this coaching path

This coaching has a highly practical nature. The ideal would be that you have a real presentation to do so that you can use it as a case study. The video-feedback method will be used intensively. This coaching focuses on helping the coachee to organise logic and persuasive argument and to accurately convey it trough the specific tool used (i.e. PowerPoint, Word, Prezi, etc.).

Development plan

  • Tackling stage fright (note: if you have tried other techniques which have not given the desired results, this coaching is for you).
  • Stage presence: posture, movements, eye contact, facial experiences and more.
  • Conveying the idea and persuading it is good: logic-based persuasion strategies and heuristic-based persuasion strategies.
  • Using Power-Point, Word, Prezi and other tools.
  • Managing the interaction with the audience.


  • Path lengths: 5 sessions
  • Cost: 3.000 CHF + IVA
  • Setting: Face to face and videoconference