Coaching for Performance

This Thematic Coaching is for those who want to go beyond the objectives already achieved in the professional and academic fields leveraging their strengths and defining a personalized development plan.

Coachee’s objective

I want to improve my professional or academic performances.

Characteristics of this coaching path

This coaching path uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to enhance the coachee’s strengths and improve their performance. The underlying models are the Positive Psychology (Seligman, 2012) and, in particular, the GROW approach (Whitmore, 2017) and the solution-focused-approach (O’Connel, 2012).

Development plan

  • Setting and defining the to-be objectives.
  • Analysing the as-is reality.
  • Generating options and solutions.
  • Assessing strengths, weakness, opportunities, threatens.
  • Train to manage thoughts, emotions, behaviours.
  • Develop positive thinking and optimism.
  • Making plans and getting feedback.
  • Celebrating achievements.


  • Path lengths: 5 sessions
  • Cost: 3.000 CHF + IVA
  • Setting: Face to face and videoconference