Coaching for Happiness

This Thematic Coaching is for those who want to develop positive thinking, optimism and well-being at the heart of their professional practice. The underlying assumption is that happiness is the cause and not the consequence of success.

Coachee’s objective

I want to improve my well-being, my happiness because I believe that being happy helps me to achieve my goals.

Characteristics of this coaching path

This path uses Positive Psychology, and in particular, the PERMA model (Seligman, 2011) for the development of happiness. Perhaps few know that the term “happiness” is used, in psychology, as an abbreviation of a measurable construct, technically denoted as Subjective Well Being (SWB). The SWB can be improved by developing the positive emotions (P), the level of engagement (E), social relations (R), awareness (M), and his the ability to achieve concrete objectives and targets (A).

Development plan

  • Know and apply the principles of Positive Psychology to yourself.
  • P: Develop positive emotions.
  • E: Increase engagement.
  • R: Developing social capital and networking.
  • M: Acquiring awareness and purpose.
  • A: Commit to achieving goals.


  • Path lengths: 5 sessions
  • Cost: 3.000 CHF + IVA
  • Setting: Face to face and videoconference