Character Strengths and Virtues


This course aims to teach participants to recognise and use their strengths in work and personal contexts. The theoretical model that inspires these two days is that of Positive Psychology and ACT, a combination that is giving more and more results in the scientific field.

You will learn how to apply the methods of Positive Psychology to your way of thinking, your emotions, your personality and your behaviour to act according to the things that are are important to you, your happiness and well-being.

The course is mainly practical-participated and teaches a way of thinking and acting that you can put into practice immediately.

During the course, you will be asked to take a test for the detection of your strengths.


Anyone who understands the importance of a new individual growth tool belonging to the Positive Psychology approach.


(Test) Assessment of your strengths

The happiness’ advantage

  • Learned helplessness
  • Optimism
  • Happiness leads to success (and not vice versa)
  • Happiness education

Personality and Character Strengths

  • What is personality?
  • Personal traits
  • Measure the personality with the Big5
    • conscientiousness
    • extroversion
    • neuroticism
    • mental openness
    • agreeableness
  • The positive in us: the strengths’ classification of Peterson & Seligman
  • The 6 virtues:
    • humanity
    • courage
    • transcendence
    • temperance
    • justice
    • wisdom and knowledge
  • The 24 character strengths
  • Exercises to recognize and develop strengths
  • The Value in Action Test

Positive thought

  • The effectiveness of positive thinking
    • The Placebo effect
    • The Pygmalion effect
    • The Hawthorne effect
  • Optimism
  • The three Ps of optimism: permanence, pervasiveness, personalization
  • Learn positive thinking

Managing emotions with Positive Psychology

  • Positive and negative emotions: neuroscience and phylogenetic differences
  • What are the negative emotions for?
  • What are positive emotions for?
  • Managing negative emotions: fear, anxiety, anger
  • The development of positive emotions
  • Learn not to react impulsively

Flow experience

  • Be present, here and now, avoiding distractions
  • Concentration techniques


  • Choose and recognize your values
  • Acting in the direction of values
  • Knowing how to motivate others based on their values

The ACT matrix as a daily tool for action

  • Act with autopilot and mindfulness
  • Useful and useless behaviour
  • The trap of avoidance
  • Project and Anti-project: how the unconscious is ruining our projects
  • Act in the right direction


  • Duration: 2 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Calendar
  • Price information: 1.200 CHF + VAT (1.000 CHF + VAT each for more than one subscriber from the same company)

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