Online Micro Open Day – Jun 2020

HURACT (Micro) Online Open Day

Wednesday 24 June, 16.00-18.00 CET

Online on Zoom

To inaugurate the launch of distance learning, HURACT offers a series of thematic “pills”, lasting half an hour each, intended for different types of audience.

Time Workshop
L’utilizzo della piattaforma Zoom per l’erogazione di corsi online. Tecniche, vantaggi, svantaggi. Integrazione con piattaforme di eLearning.
Time Workshop Workshop Workshop
14:30-15:00 #11 – Presentazione di numeri, tabelle, grafici e cruscotti (dashboard).
(Roberto Bonanomi, Lang IT)
#21 – Remote Leadership.
(Nathalie Soussan, Lang EN)
#31 – L’utilizzo dei metodi attivi nella formazione.
(Stefania Macchieraldo, Lang IT)
15:15-15:45 #12 – Online Coaching con la Positive Psychology. 
(Roberto Bonanomi, Lang IT)
#22 – Activating your team Collective Intelligence when working remotely.
(Nathalie Soussan, Lang IT)
#32 – Self-hypnosis for performance.
(Stefania Macchieraldo, Lang IT)
16.00-16.30 #13 – Sviluppare il pensiero critico (Critical Thinking).
(Roberto Bonanomi, Lang IT)
#23 – Remote Leadership.
(Nathalie Soussan, Lang IT)
#33 – Stress management at work.
(Kristian Lees-Bell, Lang EN)
16.45-17.15 #14 – La misura del clima organizzativo e del grado di coesione in organizzazioni remote. (CLOSED)
(Roberto Bonanomi, Lang IT)
#24 – Online Coaching skills for managers.
(Nathalie Soussan, Lang EN)
#34 – Overcoming Public Speaking fears.
(Kristian Lees-Bell, Lang EN)
17.30-18.00 #15 – Time Management per Smart Working.
(Roberto Bonanomi, Lang IT)
#25 – Active listening – The magic skill to create trust, motivation and empowerment.
(Nathalie Soussan, Lang IT)
#35 – Aspetti psicologici dello Smart Working.
(Stafania Macchieraldo, Lan IT)
18.15-18.45 #16 – Presentazioni efficaci online.
(Roberto Bonanomi, Lang IT)
#26 – “Coaching circle” – A innovative practice to create smart & learning organizations.
(Nathalie Soussan, Lang EN)
#36 – Psychodrama, sociodrama and action methods online.
(Daniela Simmons, Lang EN).
Time Workshop
Questions and answers.

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