The MICROLEARNING model consists of short training modules, each lasting about 15 minutes, delivered online on all devices.

This model can fit different purposes:

  1. As training pills alongside classroom and virtual training. One aim is to guarantee the same entry-level for all participants. Another is to enhance the training itself, allowing accessibility.
  2. As autonomous teaching units, to quickly convey updates to a broad audience (for example procedures, use of corporate tools, etc.). 
  3. As institutional communications; to convey organizational values ​​and objectives, ensuring that they are understood and internalized.

Typically these units are pre-registered but have a fair degree of interactivity thanks to the use of tests, questionnaires, and guided paths.

These modules can be conveyed through different channels: Web (HTML5), SWF, Videos, Executable on PC / MAC or can be imported into LMS (Learning Management Systems), typically compatible with SCORM, xAPI (Tin Can), and AICC. 

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