HURACT Classroom training changes into Tailored Training 1:1

What is the Tailored Training 1: 1

Tailored Training 1: 1 represents an alternative to traditional inter-company classroom training. The Tailored Training 1: 1 is available for those courses that do not require group interaction.

The Tailored Training 1: 1 consists of:

  • A reduced but intensive duration compared to the corresponding classroom training:
    • 1 day of coaching 1: 1 (9.30-17.30) instead of the 2-day course;
    • 2 days of coaching 1: 1 (9.30-17.30) instead of the 3-day course.
  • A videoconference follow-up /2h) after 2-3 weeks.
  • Same cost as the classroom training (*).
  • Delivery of the coaching at the customer’s office.
  • Greater flexibility on course planning.
  • Personalized training, according to the needs of the participant while respecting the structure and
  • contents of the proposed program.

* An additional transfer fee is considered for the lecturer if the client’s office is located outside the Lugano area.

The following courses HURACT are available  “Tailored Training 1:1”

Check your training to see if it is available in Tailored Training 1:1

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