The power of Vulnerability in building Relationship

HURACT ® in collaboration with ETTi ZoomRoom International ® is offering ONLINE Didactic & Experiential Workshop via TELE’DRAMA ®.

The Power of Vulnerability in Building authentic connections
Psychodrama and Other Action Methods

Online Experiential Workshop
Sat, 18 Apr, 10:00-13:00 (CET) 

If you think about, the people we feel most authentically connected to are those who know us well and accept our vulnerability. We can be volitionally vulnerable to them.

Volitionally vulnerable people of the world -those seeking compassion, sensing connection and having the courage to be diverse to others’ eyes- make their relationships authentic.

The vulnerability may come from diversity.
As Brene Brown points out in her TED lecture, “Connection is why we’re here. We need to give up who we think we should be to be who we are. The more we expose ourselves, the more connected we can be. The connection is the result of authenticity”. Inclusion means accepting vulnerability.

Vulnerability comes from life experiences.
Many people face stressful or traumatic events during life. How they are affected by these events depends on their vulnerability limit and their coping mechanisms and resilience.

Though care must be taken, the vulnerability can be a strength in reaching out to others with whom we want to be deeply seen for what we are.

This experiential workshop will explore past experiences and the power of vulnerability, and will promote the development of a healthy personality and inclusive behaviour.



  • The module is appropriate for mental health professionals, students and the general public.


  • Date and time: Saturday, 18 April, 10:00-13:00 (CET)
  • Cost
    • Professionals and the general public (paid online or via check): $80 ∼ (74 EUR)
    • College students (paid online or via check): $40 ∼ (37 EUR)


  • Subscription will be through the platform /site TELE’DRAMA (THIS LINK)
  • Payment, in case of cancellation, will be credited to future workshops

Participants receive 3 hours for certification through the:

  • International Society of Experiential Therapies (ISEP)
  • Expressive Therapies Training Institute (ETTi)
  • Certificate of Attendance at HURACT Workshop

You will receive the Zoom* invitation via email. The best way to participate is through your computer; however, you may attend via a tablet or cellphone.

*Zoom ( is an online video-web-conferencing tool.

For further information please contact:

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