Murder party

A Mystery Dinner is a popular type of dinner theater in which the play is a murder mystery, and the diners are invited to solve the mystery as they eat and watch the play.

In many mystery dinners, there is no separate stage from the eating area; instead, the actors are mixed in with the diners — and often improvise dialog with diners — creating a more immersive atmosphere

The diners, between one course and the other, watch scenes that culminate in a thriller with a murder. At this point, diners are asked to cooperate with investigations to identify the culprit, the manner and the motive of the murder.

The Mystery Dinner can be part of a Team Building, for having fun while improving collaborative and problem solving skills or it can be a stand-alone event, provided by a restaurant to delight its customers.

HURACT has a wide repertoire of Murder parties to cover all needs. HURACT’s dinners with crime of are represented by qualified actors and coaches.

Murder Parties are available in Italian and in English.

Leonardo da Vinci’s dangerous painting

The true story of the Virgin of the Rocks (4 actors)


At the court of the Duke of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci, focused on his plan to build river channels, ignoring the demands of the court.
Wedged between the lies of the Inquisition and the vagaries of the courtiers Leonardo da Vinci will shed light on some mysterious deaths…

Giuseppe Verdi: la sera della prima

Debut of Falstaff at Scala of Milan (2 actors)


At the end of his career Giuseppe Verdi is shocked by the news of a fatal accident.
The protagonists of the opera: Elena Braibanti, Ridolfo Cairo, Lorello Clivati and Fabia Montenotte … who will be the voice that came out from the pack?

Mata Hari: the fatal soul dance

The spy story more famous of all time (4 actors)


An insight into the First World War in which a woman has to become a spy for love and unknowingly enters a dangerous game that will radically change his life.
The various world powers, in the attempt to condemn Mata Hari, make a fake accusative plant to legitimize the death sentence.

Who killed Giacomo Casanova?

The end of the greatest lover of all time (2 actors)


A hilarious spoof of a Giacomo Casanova now elderly living with its librarian wage. Unfortunately the habit of betting made him unable to satisfy creditors knocking at his door. So, he tries to contact his old loves, rich women and powerful, in order to extort their money like he used to. But the days of physical beauty are a distant memory and failures become a constant.

The great seducer, in the end, is found dead …

Red-light murder

Murder in feathers and sequins (3 attori)


The boss Lucio Sorrentino, head of the local mafia, powerful and hated man, owner of a night club, can not resist the allure of beautiful women. Among intrigues and jealousies a fierce and brutal murder is made.

Ezzelino il Sanguinario

The intriguing story of Beatrice D’Este and the mystery of the Rock of Soncino (2 actors)


A story that winds through palace intrigues, power struggles and greed, hatred against the tyrant. A self-motivated man, although fierce bloodthirsty, through his coldness was able to create almost an empire. Cold and insensitive to any show of piety, intolerant of all restraint, who got personal delight in refined and cruel tortures.

Bernabò Visconti and the ghost of the castle

The true story of the cruel Bernabo (3 actors)


Bernabo Visconti, Duke of Milan has just marry the natural daughter of Bernarda to the lord of Bianzano, John Suardo. The girl is caught in adultery with a courtier and her father forced her to be imprisoned in the castle tower.

Bernarda is found dead: who is the culprit?

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